My Muse. {and why everyone needs one}

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

If you have been following my work within the last 10 have likely heard me joke that Melissa is my Muse. My Golden Girl. My Guniea Pig. My Poster Child. We have worked together countless times over the years..and she is perhaps the only person who can read my mind in a photoshoot. Its like we have our own language. We literally could do a whole shoot and not talk to each other and she would know exactly what I want, by me only using shoulder movements, I swear!! I am so grateful for this girl.

The first time I met Melissa and her husband Travis, we showed up at random vineyard, that was a halfway point for both of us, (we lived 2 hours apart at the time). They had already been recently married, but wanted to do a fun "couples" session. I had no idea what to expect. I brought my favorite vintage pink/floral chair and a handful of headbands I made..and nervously waited for them to drive up. I was instantly over the moon with them both...and I just remember feeling like a light switch went on that day. I couldn't explain it at the time, but it was this overwhelming feeling that we were SUPPOSED to meet. While I had been doing my business for many years, I felt like I was in the formative years of when I was truly "finding myself" as a photographer. What was my "style"?..What did I like photographing? What did I not like photographing? What makes my heart race and my head spin because I feel like I'm hitting my stride and finding my vision and my voice? All I know, was that when I started photographing Melissa..I truly, truly..started loving what I do.

She was my model for my first ever Styled Shoot, {which was also the first time my work had every been published on a blog way back in the day..She made my dream come alive and to this day those are still some of my favvvvvorite photos}. I did an adorable Prego shoot with her and Travis when they were expecting their first child, Ella..and I swear she somehow became the most famous person on Pinterest for like 3 years. Truly! This was pre - Instagram and she somehow had to manage a million people reaching out to her wanting to know every single thing she was wearing for that shoot. How ironic, that all these years later, her career is a Life & Style Blogger, and she answers these same questions all day long! I knew she was meant for something like this, and its has been SOO amazing watching her business her truly just being herself..a wife and mama! Friends, if you dont' already follow her blog or must. // @ellabrooksblog //You will love her, and her behind the scenes mom life stuff is the best. Hands down.

Anyways..just a little behind the scenes for this dreamy shoot. It was for no other reason, than simply the sake of just "creating". My girlfriend Sarah let me use her to- die- for living room at the Artist Lofts in downtown Sacramento, and my friend/former bride Anna provided the gorgeous blooms. It was so simple, but I felt like I truly needed this shoot...for myself. To reset my mind, and feel inspired. To shoot with no parameters or rules. To have a reason to thrift shop for the perfect crazy ruffled skirt that was in my dreams at night {like, literally keeping me up at night}. To fight the burn out I was feeling after months of going non-stop for work. To have some pretty new photos for the website I was workin on. Mel..I am grateful you always run with my ideas, and for how you have help change and give life to my business over the years. I know Travis is like super- instagram- photo- husband now { YAY TRAV !!!} You won't need me as much..{sob, sob} but I will forever look forward to every chance we get to play dress up together. XOXOXO

These INCREDIBLY TALENTED Ladies right here..THANK YOU for your help, my goodness.

Sarah Goddard Perez- Electric Sun Creatives- {amazing loft and wall hangings}

Anna Sinclair- Huckleberry Blooms- {swoonworthy florals}

Melissa Cole: Ella Brooks Blog {my model}

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