Hellllllo, Its me.

Oh my..sooo many years since I have blogged. So many, that I don't think my 9 year old son believes me that I used to have a blog that I actually wrote in. He legit thinks I am making it up. This was kind of a huge risk starting over from scratch..I had 10 years of archives on my former one. But with a brand new website, and oceans

of life happening between the bookends of then and now.. it felt natural to start fresh here too. If you know me, you know that blogging used to be my passion. My late night escape with a homemade chai latte after the kids were in bed...where I stumbled around my words a bit, and somehow learned that I love to write, {who knew??} I never said I was a good writer, but I do love to write. I write like I think, so if you are a teacher, I'm sorry...I will undoubtedly drive you crazy with my run on sentences. You will mentally be scribbling your red pen all over this..but its rambling from the heart, promise:)

For those who used to follow my blog and helped support me so much over the years, I am grateful you found your way back here! Life has been so heavy the last few years...lots of life changes for my family. Starting over in every way possible, and feeling the deep growing pains of that. I feel like I have been in total hibernation mode, just trying to focus on my babies, and on my work, and I have given myself grace all these years to not blog again until I felt ready. It has been stirring in me again to kind of find my voice again in all of this. To share a bit more of myself. My heart. My babies. What I am learning in my new season of Love:) To carve out more time to share projects I am working on..{YAY}!! As a photographer, luckily my blog is mostly photos. THOSE tell the the stories the loudest. But I do love to nararate a bit too here and there:) I have years of work I have not shared, so I will probably hop around a bit, sprinklin in a bit of old stuff with the new.

Feels good to be back,my darlings. XOXO

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