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"Ashley is the complete package. When you meet her, you will be greeted with such joy, peace, realness, talent, love spunk and fun. She's truly one-of-a-kind. She loves what she does and her photos are pure evidence of that. When she takes your photos, she has a way of capturing the raw and beautiful emotions behind the moments. In my opinion, Ashley is the best of the best! Bonus, she makes you feel incredibly comfortable int front of the camera (and my husband can vouch for the men too). She has blessed our life in so many ways...I'm so grateful for the day 10 years ago when I called Ashley and inquired about our engagement/wedding photos. Fast forward to today, since then she has photographed EVERY important event that my husband and I wanted professionally documented. Her photographs will line the walls in our home forever. My most treasured gifts for sure."

    - Ashley Dumler 

"Ashley is not only one of my favorite photographer but also one of my favorite people. Her photographs capture the world in a such a sweet, light, loving and romantic way. Ashley photographed our wedding in 2015 and captured every moment perfectly. It still gives me butterflies looking at the pictures, because she captures the day so that you feel like your re-living each moment. She is a true artist! Not only does she capture the the moments perfectly, but she is also one of the sweetest human beings making everyone feel comfortable, but more importantly feel beautiful in your moment to shine. She somehow blends into the crowd during the reception but still manages to get the perfect shot. I would recommend Ashley to everyone and anyone. She will be our family photographer for many years to come, and know she will capture every moment perfectly!"

 - Melissa Stapleton

"We actually picked the date for the wedding when Ashley was available. We had to have her! She was our first vendor and the plans went from there. She is the most creative person we know! The engagement pictures are a piece of art. She captured the love and sweetness of Heather and Kevin and her pictures tell a story. She is vintage/classic. Her pictures are the most beautiful, amazing pictures you will ever see. She is an artist and no two photo ops are the same. Very unique and very gifted. She is as beautiful as her photos. She is fun and easy to work with and cares so much about everyone."

 - Kollene Hays, Mother of the Bride

"Ashley is the most calm, creative,  amazing photographer. I choose her because just by looking at her blog she made the bride look like angel in every single photo. The lighting is always so bright and truly breathtaking. She is a joy to work with and I even printed out two pages of particular photos I wanted taken and she managed to capture every last one, making me feel calm and taking charge. "

 - Anne Martin

"I dont even remember how I found Ashley back when I was engaged, but all I remember is looking through her portfolio and knowing I had to have her as my photographer! She is an artist and truly has a gift! Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions that my husband and I (then fiancé) ​​made as a family. Since our engagement shoot, Ashley has shot every special chapter of our lives. She was behind the camera at our wedding, our first pregnancy, the newborn shoot with our daughter, her first birthday, and recently the newborn lifestyle shoot with our son. Ashley has traveled to us, we have traveled to her- she has helped us select clothes to wear (even coming prepared with an arsenal of handmade headbands and necklaces), made silly faces at our kids, improvised with a smile, and made us fee comfortable and beautiful/handsome every single photo shoot! I don't feel like I have to worry about what I look like at all because I know Ashley will capture the right angle and expression and bring out the best of me and my family through her photos. Every time we get our photos back she has captured all the shots we hoped for and more. Ashley was one a vendor we found online but has become a dear friend I couldn't image life without."

- Leslie McCoy

"Ashley Maxwell was that DREAM photographer I always saw on various social media sites and publications, but that I wasn't sure we would ever be lucky enough to get. After being engaged over a year, we decided on a wedding date and only gave ourselves 3 months to plan the whole thing. Ashley was the very first person I reached out to, and I was over the moon when we found out that she was available on such short notice! Ashley is a rare gem in a sea of wedding photographers. It's not that often you meet someone who can make you feel completely at ease within minutes of meeting, like you've known that person your whole life, but that was Ashley. We loved her laid back approach of just letting us be us and by doing that, Ashley is able to pull out the sweetest moments and candidly capture a couple exactly how they are in real life. Her dreamy style using beautiful natural light gave us the truly stunning engagement and wedding photos we always envisioned. I'd highly recommend Ashley, and we plan to use her for all our future photographer needs as our family grows! We love you, Ashley!"

 - Lindsey Liranzo

"To know Ashley is love undeniably love her. Not only as a talented photographer, but also a person who brings pure joy and happiness to those around her. I was lucky enough to find Ashley while researching wedding photographers in 2010. I remember the pureness and beauty she was able to capture in her photos, and I just knew I had to have her for our big day. It wasn't until I met her, that I was able to find out first hand what sets Ashley apart from all the rest. From the time we spent together for our engagement session and wedding, Ashley genuinely wanted to learn about us a a couple and understand our love story. Our joy and love was Ashley's and she told our story through her photographs; simply taking my breath away! For someone who is also traditionally shy in front of the camera, Ash made me feel comfortable! The day of our wedding, although filled with butterflies, Ashley was able to immediately put me at ease and enabled me to just enjoy the moment with my new husband! From demonstrating poses and providing her artistic eye; to seeing and capturing things I would have never thought would be beautiful, proved to be some of my favorite pictures and most cherished moments! 


Fast forward four years later, when my husband and I were celebrating the baby we had so longed for; the upcoming birth of our first son, Ashley cried tears of joy with us and turned her love over OUR joy into some of my most treasured photographs. In true Ashley fashion, she was able to capture breathtaking moments that only she could see. In spite of the heat wave in the middle of July that year, she was patient and so thoughtful throughout our session; never rushing the moment nor cutting our time short. As if that weren't enough, Ashley also handmade beautiful accessories for me to wear.  One family photo session, two newborn sessions and two more maternity shoots later...Ashley was able to continue capturing the most precious moments of our lives. There is no end to Ashley's love and talent; from wiping our sick son's nose during a session, to feeding our children goldfish and M&M's to get the best smiles...Ashley has warmed our hearts and given us so much more than photos. I started out looking for a great photographer, and not only did I find one in Ashley, but I can honestly say that we are truly blessed to be able to consider Ashley  part of our family and a life long friend".

 - Melissa Mata

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